BabyFloki will release NFT, in the future BabyFloki NFT has a variety of fun gameplay, users can use BabyFloki NFT as a sticker effect on the social platform!

This is the revolution of Meme! The goal is to become the most powerful meme BabyFloki is not a simple meme token, it is contagious, can spread viral, this is the charm of BabyFloki

  • BabyFloki
    The allure of BabyFloki is limitless
  • Army
    We will build the BabyFloki Army and feel the power of BabyFloki here
  • Deliver
    It goes viral
  • Hold
    You should have one!
  • Safe and safe
  • Promote Meme Culture
  • Transparent and open




BabyFloki is to create the most distinctive meme in the history of blockchain, with the key to the door of wealth, and it is also a concentration of FLOKI !

  • Phase 1

    Release the message

    Build a new community

    Community expansion

    Media cooperation

    Activities on X

    Community activities

    Marketing plan

    Contract deployment

    Prepare for launch

  • Phase 2

    Open a transaction in Pancakeswap

    Larger-scale marketing

    Application development

    Community expansion

    Integration with the BabyFloki community

    Listed in the CMC&CG list

  • Phase 3

    Strategic partnership

    Swap release

    NFT trading market release

    GameFi development

    Build an X army


  • Phase 4

    Application release

    GameFi (World) market test

    Market value rises

    Developer community and Elon musk take a photo

    More mysterious surprises

    New road map (soon)

Want to experience the fun and value of BabyFloki Finance? Join us
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